Civil Law


Nexus Chambers has a dedicated team of barristers offering expert advice and advocacy to both Claimants and Defendants alike. Whilst the range of our services in this area is wide, our members specialise in the areas of Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Debt Recovery and Contractual Disputes and related litigation. Working with both Claimants and Defendants has provided our barristers with the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure we deliver a top-class service to all of our clients.

We appear across the entire spectrum of civil cases and hearings such that we are able to provide a tailored service for your needs. Our junior members regularly appear in Small Claims and Fast Track trials and our more senior members are instructed in complex or high value litigation on the Multi Track in the County Courts and High Court.

With Michael Mansfield KC as Head of Chambers, Nexus is growing its reputation as being the go-to Chambers when it comes to legal representation and you can rest assured knowing that your legal matter, no matter the size, is in safe and very competent hands.

In addition to assisting and representing clients at court, our team can assist in all areas of civil litigation such as:


  • Advice on Merits/Prospects of Success and/or Quantum
  • Pre issue correspondence
  • Mediation/alternate dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Letters before action
  • Particulars of claim
  • Defences (and if applicable counterclaims)
  • Replies to Defences
  • Part 18 Questions
  • Part 35 Questions
  • Instructions to experts
  • Witness statements