Robin Harrison


Robin Harrison is a defence barrister practising criminal law. He represents both individual clients and notably those appearing in multi handed cases overing drugs, violence, kidnap, fraud and other dishonesty offences


R -v- CO  [2022]  Woolwich Crown Court

9 handed Counterfeit Currency. Prosecution offered no evidence against the partner of the owner of a company whose premises were being used for the production of counterfeit £20 notes, after numerous hearings, aborted trials and an application to dismiss.

Multiple thousands of pages of evidence considered.

Leading junior.

R -v- MG [ 2021]  Southwark Crown Court

10 handed Violent Disorder, recorded, clearly and closely on numerous CCTV cameras, throwing pub furniture at drinkers outside a public house

One of 3 acquitted

Junior alone

R -v- ES [2019] Snaresbrook Crown Court

A youth charged alone, with Wounding with Intent. Allegation being that a knife was taken outside home premises and slashed / disembowelled another youth on the street outside the home address. D was known to complainant. Numerous witnesses as to the allegation and the identity of the defendant. Hearsay and res gestae  arguments. Applications to admit bad character of complainant and to recall the complainant after ongoing disclosure.


Junior alone

R -v- AJ [2016] Canterbury Crown Court

Represented D1 of a 3 handed Importation of Class A drugs from Istanbul in a motor vehicle.

2 week trial

All acquitted

Junior alone

R -v- LN [2016] Inner London Crown Court

A 5 handed False Imprisonment and Grievous Bodily Harm trial , lasting 4 weeks.

The defence was duress. All defendants and the principal witness had learning difficulties.

LN alone, was acquitted

Junior alone

R -v- CH [2015]  Snaresbrook Crown Court

8 handed Kidnapping, False Imprisonment and Wounding with Intent

A five month trial , with approximately 40 counts against 8 defendants . The facts were complex where one individual providing a link between 2 drug gangs was kidnapped twice within a 24 hour period, the second occasion from hospital, and was falsely imprisoned , tied up and had a hot iron applied to the face.

A 5 month trial resulting in an acquittal on the Wounding with Intent.

R -v- SB [2015]  Southampton Crown Court

4 handed Possession with Intent to supply Class A drugs (heroin and crack cocaine)

A 2 week trial

Junior alone

R -v- VK   Kingston Crown Court

Represented One of 4 defendants with Importation of Class A drugs (opium) from Iran by lorry.

D was the driver of one of 2 lorries moving in tandem across borders.

Acquitted after a 2 week trial on all 4 counts. 3 codefendants had pleaded Guilty

Junior alone


5 years’ experience as a Crown Court Clerk at Inner London Crown Court before studying Law.


BSc Honours in Mathematics (St Andrews)

CPE in Law


Criminal Bar Association