Robin Harrison

Called 1995

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Areas of Expertise:
Criminal Law


Mr Harrison has had a wide range of experience in the crown courts, specialising in matters relating to drugs and violence.
Recent notable cases include:

R v AJ  [2016]        Canterbury Crown Court       

Represented D1 of 3 handed Importation of Class A drugs from Istanbul in a motor vehicle
2 week trial .
All acquitted
Junior alone

R v VK      Kingston Crown Court  

Represented one of 4 defendants charged with Importation of Class A drugs (opium) from Iran by lorry.
Acquitted after a 2 week trial on all counts. 3 codefendants had pleaded guilty.
Junior alone

R v CH  [2015]        Snaresbrook Crown Court       

8 handed kidnappinpg, false imprisonment and S18
A 5 month trial resulting in an acquittal on the S18
Junior alone

R v SB [2015]             Isleworth Crown Court

4 handed fraud (cash for crash). Represented D1.
A 4 week trial
Junior alone

R v OA    [2016]       Southampton Crown Court

4 handed Possession with intent to supply Class A drugs (heroin and crack cocaine)
A 2 week trial
Junior alone

R v LN [2016]         Inner London Crown Court    

 A 5 handed False Imprisonment and GBH. A 4 week trial, with a defence of Duress. All defendants
and the primary witness had learning difficulties.
LN, alone, was acquitted.
Junior alone

5 years experience  as a Crown Court Clerk at Inner London Crown Court before studying Law.

Travelling, Country living and keeping an allotment.

Bsc Honours in Mathematics (St. Andrews), including one year in Psychology
CPE in Law

Criminal Bar Association

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