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Lynton Orrett is a University College, London law graduate who has risen through the profession to become a trusted first choice defence advocate in impact crime cases.

Current instructions as of 1 March 2021 include:

R v TS, Worcester CC. Conspiracy to supply class A across county lines and to traffic young ‘gang member’.

R v JO & Anr The Old Bailey– Attempted murder and PWITS – allegedly gang-related.

R v C. Ltd – Complicated high-value asset forfeiture proceedings.

SC and others v Post Office Ltd – probably the largest set abuse of process appeals in the UK.Post Office Appeal 


Lynton's practice spans the entire calendar of grave and complex criminal offences extending into the Administrative Court or Court of Appeal as required.

Lynton is often instructed directly to represent clients in the Court of Appeal as well as taking on CCRC work and miscarriage of justice cases. His specialist appellate practice also includes defending against the Attorney General in unduly lenient sentences.

He works mainly in London but has taken on cases of national significance across key court centres within England and Wales. He specialises exclusively in criminal defence cases; whether publicly funded or private client work.

He is well respected across the national circuit for an ability to balance the intellectual rigour of the law, forensic cross-examination of witnesses, with the interpersonal empathy of sensitive client care.

He has vast experience in defending in difficult, high profile and challenging cases. He is regularly sought out to defend in large scale cases involving multi-handed drugs, fraud, particularly when those cases are complicated by a need to protect the client from cutthroat defences.

He is often asked to defend against specialist government agency led prosecutions by major crime command, counter-terrorism or National Crime Agency and HMRC. He has been an early adopter of the latest technology to improve the interrogation of prosecution evidence. This has, in turn, led to a sub specialism around electronic data evidence and internet and social media leaning cases.

Lynton is a fearless advocate and as such has been instructed to represent marginalised people who are often not listened to or respected by other practitioners

His general expertise in crime and his expertise in serious/gang crime has resulted in him giving evidence to parliamentary committees and campaigning for legal change in relation to Defendant’s rights.

He is often instructed in complex multi-handed cases prosecuted as joint enterprise and has a high level of understanding of prosecution and forensic techniques, including Black box data analysis, cell site, blood splatter, fibre analysis, gunshot residue and DNA.

Organised Crime Group Offences

Lynton receives instructions to defend across the full range of organised crime group offences: possession of firearms with intent to endanger life, importation of drugs, county line drug supply, human trafficking and modern slavery and contract violence.

He has been defending in ‘county line’/ drugs cases since the first large scale prosecutions began, and this work has taken him across the breadth of England and Wales.

Lynton has specialist and extensive expertise in RIPA focused investigations and probe or surveillance operations.

Serious crime:

R v D, Chelmsford CC - Secured the acquittal of a defendant accused of shooting at rival gang members, possession of firearms and PWITS cocaine and heroin.

R v M, Worcester CC - Secured the acquittal of a defendant against allegations of possession of a firearm and ammunition.

R v O, Snaresbrook CC - Client was accused of masterminding the large scale and daily supply of Class A drugs from London to Clacton, Essex over the course of 18 months.

R v N, Appeal Court – Defendant’s sentence was reduced on appeal.  This was a case where Mr. Orrett was instructed after trial.

Fraud and Financial Crime:

Lynton has vast and deep experience in complex and protracted fraud cases: Including advance fee frauds, banking fraud, internet fraud, industrial frauds on government bodies and agencies and carrousel frauds. He has defended across the many iterations of fraud in the system, whether analogue paper fraud or modern digital fraud operations.

He has a critical understanding of the framework of abuse of process arguments and is well versed in the landscape of this area. He has additional strength in sophisticated fact management techniques which were cultivated when he was involved in the preparation of the case for one of the defendants in the Maxwell fraud trials, which were at the time the largest ever frauds before the courts. That experience was strengthened when he represented the lead defendant in the case arising out of the biggest Met Police in UK history.

In respect of money laundering prosecutions, Lynton has specialist experience in cases involving the use of bitcoins and other digital currency.

With the increasing use of the Proceeds of Crime Act to apply for asset forfeiture orders in the magistrates, Lynton is increasingly instructed on a private basis to advise and represent in these complex proceedings.

Notable cases include:

R v MW, Southwark CC - £500 million assets seized from a safety deposit box company.  Confiscation order for less than £300K.

R v C, Old Bailey – acquittal of Chinese businessman accused of trying to defraud banks of £15 million

R v A, The Court of Appeal gave guidance on the extent that a restraint order can be varied to allow for personal events such as a wedding.  This was a successful application after the prosecution refused a reasonable request to vary a restraint order.

R v M, SCC This case was a high profile, multi-handed, large scale fraud targeting the elderly over the telephone then hijacking their bank accounts and diverting the proceeds.  Successfully fended off a cut-throat attack from co-defendants that would have increased the Defendant’s sentence.

Sexual Offences

Lynton was one of the first advocates to undertake the training relating to vulnerable witnesses.  Lynton was praised for his ‘gentle but effective’ cross-examination of a complainant which led to no evidence being offered before the Prosecution had come to the close of its case.

Lynton is skilled in all aspects of defence in this area. He has defended in single complainant /single defendant cases. He has also been involved in trials of multi-complainant and multi-defendant cases.

Lynton fully understands the disclosure regime; whether it be the care records of the local authority or other third-party material.

Direct Access

Lynton can be instructed directly by members of the public.  For further details please contact Chambers and speak to a member of the clerks team.

Other experience

Lynton has trained prosecutors and defence lawyers in Tanzania and Nigeria on behalf of the Senior Lawyers Project.

Having been raised in Shirley Oaks, a children’s home run by the London Borough of Lambeth, Lynton left school without any qualifications and came to law after taking an Access to Law course.  His background makes it important to Lynton that he continues to mentor children from ‘non-traditional’ backgrounds.


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