Jeminipe B. Akin-Olugbade

Called 1998

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Areas of Expertise:
Criminal Defence and Civil Actions Against the Police


Jemi is an exceptional leading junior with significant appellate court experience.  His exclusively defence practice encompasses the full ambit of criminal matters – from murder/manslaughter, grave sexual offences and the supply/importation of drugs by organised crime groups to high-value money laundering and fraud. Jemi has a proven track record attributable to a facility for gaining the confidence and cooperation of lay clients – irrespective of their age, their station, their education or their mental acuity. Jemi has a proactive approach to those instructing him, underlined by a sympathetic understanding of the exigencies of criminal legal aid work. His success is enhanced by his attention to detail and a thorough comprehension and familiarity of prosecution process.

Jemi’s achievements in civil actions against the police emanate from his expertise in the criminal courts allied to a thorough grounding in civil procedure. Civil actions are an arena Jemi occupies with assurance and sound judgment. His accomplishments have sparked a nascent interest in instructions in the Coroner’s Court.

Notable Cases:

R v W (Manslaughter)
R v G (conspiracy to Supply Class ‘A’ in the context of an Organised Criminal Gang)
LK v Metropolitan Police Commissioner
R v MS (Conspiracy to Murder)
R v L (Disqualified Director – Complex and extensive BIS Investigation)
R v MB (Attempted Murder)
R v JB (Multiple Rape of a Minor)
Brandford v R (Duress Defence) CA – Reported)
R v HC (Conspiracy Misconduct in Public Office)
R v C (Multiple gangland Kidnap and GBH)
R v S (Multi-handed GBH)
R v D; R v S (Drug Importation)
R v B (Firearms with Intent)
R v W (Armed Robbery of Betting Shops)
R v B & Ors (Violent disorder in the context of a Murder allegation)
R v A (Extensive Commercial Fraud)
R v N (multi-handed £4m advance fee fraud and money-laundering)
R v K (Kidnap & Sexual Assaults);
R v A (Attempted Rape)
Etan v R CA (Supply Class ‘A’)
T v R CA (GBH on PC in Execution of Duty)
Oye v R (Insanity defence)(Court of Appeal – Reported)

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