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Sonal Keay Called 2006

Sonal Keay

Called 2005

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Sonal is an experienced barrister with a specialist interest in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Law. She has considerable experience of complex cases requiring meticulous preparation and began her career at the Bar as a criminal practitioner. Consequently, she is adept and practised at presenting the evidence persuasively, as well as cross-examining both lay and expert witnesses effectively. She enjoys legal research and untangling complex, technical points of law.

Sonal is able to assist at all stages of an investigation or prosecution, whether by way of advice or negotiating with a local authority or by representation in court. The earlier assistance is sought, the more favourable the outcome usually is.

The areas she in which she accepts instructions are:

  • Prosecutions for unlicensed HMOs
  • Breaches of HMO Management Regulations
  • Disputes over HMO Licences
  • The HHSRS Room size disputes
  • HMO Council Tax banding