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Andrew Locke Called 2008

Andrew Locke

Called 2008

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Areas of Expertise

Crime, Housing/landlord and tenant, Personal injury, Extradition, Regulatory.

Andrew has a broad practice which encompasses crime, civil (personal Injury, housing/landlord and tenant and judicial review), and quasi-criminal matters such as extradition, ASBOs and confiscation. He also has experience in regulatory work, especially healthcare matters.

Andrew has experience at all levels up to and including the Court of Appeal.

Andrew is also a duty accredited police station representative.

Secondments Etc
During his time at the Bar, Andrew has been seconded to or worked with the Financial Services Authority, the July 7th Suicide Bombings Inquest and the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Experience & Background
Andrew was called to the Bar in 2008 after a 15 year career in the property business during which time he also spent 4 years as a part-time County Court Advocate representing defendants in housing and mortgage possession proceedings.

Training & Compliance
In addition to his day to day practice, Andrew offers legal compliance training to property professionals. He also regularly assists his Inn with advocacy training and advice to prospective pupils and BTPC students.

Andrew is a passionate motorcyclist and enjoys watching and occasionally participating in trackdays. He also boxes and trains regularly. His more sedate pursuits include socialising, reading and watching documentaries, particularly history and cosmology.

LL.B (Hons) (London) – 1st class 
BVC – Very Competent

Prizes & Scholarships
Pearson Education Prize in Contract Law (2001) 
Inner Temple Scholarship (2006) 
Inner Temple Exhibition (2006)

Notable Cases

R -v- H (Court of Appeal) Successful appeal against a sentence that was both unlawful and passed on an incorrect factual basis.

Personal Injury
T & Ors -v- M and Ano – RTA trial representing 3 claimants in a claim for personal injury and credit hire where insurer alleged fraud.

Siemilet v. City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Unreported 27 November 2012 – Did the District Judge err when he disallowed costs following the compromise of a European Arrest Warrant?

Landlord & Tenant
C v. E, London Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, 2009 – Successfully resisted the Freeholder’s s.33 application for the costs of an abortive enfranchisement and obtained costs against the Freeholder. Concerned whether the Freeholder could legitimately claim costs under LRHUDA 1993 s.33 where they had acted unreasonably and had encouraged or permitted a family member (who was also a leaseholder) to sabotage the enfranchisement.